The FOOD programme highlighted during the G7 Summit in Biarritz

Edenred was selected by the G7 organization team as one of the corporate philanthropists contributing to the organization of its summit in Biarritz, held from August 24 to 26, 2019.

The French presidency of the Summit committed to organize a sustainable event. Thus Edenred provided to the 2 000 accredited journalists a dedicated Ticket Restaurant card, meant to be spend in more than 600 local restaurants.

This initiative encouraged the discovery of the local Basque gastronomy while minimizing the risk of food waste. In the same vein and in order to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, the cards have been collected at the end of the summit and recycled.

Throughout the event, Edenred also had the opportunity to present its social commitments tackling the fight against food waste and the balanced nutrition promotion. In this regard, the FOOD programme partner restaurants were contacted to take part in this initiative and offer local, healthy meals.

The sustainability of the FOOD programme was also highlighted as a best practice in the field of healthy eating. The progamme now gathers 27 public and private partners in 10 EU countries, and the messages delivered through its channel reach about 250 000 restaurants and 7 million employees daily.


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Growing success of the FOOD@Work workshops in Romania

The FOOD@Work workshops were launched at the beginning of this year in Romanian companies, to sensitize their employees on nutrition and healthy eating habits. So far, 8 workshops have been held throughout the country, reaching over 220 employees, and with more to come!

The teams of Edenred Romania teamed up with nutritionists to organize these educative events, based on the FOOD programme recommendations. The employees found them very useful on a personal level, with a positive impact on their professional life.



Most Romanian employees are eager to improve their daily diet, and seek for a more active way of life. But, for various reasons, a lot of people find it difficult to improve their daily habits: insufficient or incorrect information regarding a healthy diet, difficulty access to healthy food during the work schedule, or even lack of support from those around them (personal and professional).

“With the Food@Work workshops we help the employees by giving them concrete information and personal answers from nutritionists, but also by generating shared habits within the teams they work every day. When your co-workers also eat healthy with you, it is easier to catch good habits”, says Bianca Schmidt, Products & Marketing Director, Edenred Romania.

The FOOD program also offered to 10 restaurants member of the FOOD network, trainings and guidance, for them to improve the nutritional balance of their meals, and tips to include a healthy offer in their lunch menu.

A dedicated Facebook page was also created for the FOOD programme in Romania: it contains tips, suggestions, information on nutrition and health at work.

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