Porto University created a MOOC on healthy food

Porto University launched on June 20th a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on healthy food called “Coma melhor, poupe mais” (Eat better, save more). In this course, professors of the Nutrition and Food Sciences Faculty (UPorto) as well as of the Education Technologies Unit (UPdigital) will provide answers to anyone interested in knowing more on how to read food labels, how to reuse leftovers, how to smartly organise a fridge, etc. They will explain concepts and give tips allowing people to raise their awareness on healthy meals and food waste on the whole chain, from buying the right products to maximizing their preservation and cooking them in a healthy way.

This MOOC was inspired by the book “Alimentação Inteligente: coma melhor, poupe mais”, created by the Directorate-General for Health of Portugal and Edenred in 2013, as part of the FOOD programme.

Anyone can register to this course for free via this link: https://miriadax.net/web/coma-melhor-poupe-mais (course in Portuguese only).

Source: https://noticias.up.pt/u-porto-lanca-curso-online-sobre-alimentacao-saudavel-e-low-cost/



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The 2016 Global Nutrition Report warns on rising malnutrition worldwide

The 2016 Global Nutrition Report was released on June 14th. It sheds light on one of the world’s biggest health challenges: malnutrition. Nowadays, it affects directly one in three people worldwide in its two main forms, undernutrition and obesity.

Figures show that 2 out of 3 countries made no progress at all in applying the World Health Organization Recommendations over the last years to tackle it, and that dedicated policies and programmes are often not properly implemented.

We’re far from done addressing undernutrition. But governments and donors now also have to cope with the threat that nutrition-related non-communicable diseases and obesity pose to improving global health and development. One in 12 people globally have diabetes now, and nearly 2 billion people are obese or overweight. We must stem the tide” said Professor Corinna Hawkes, co-chair of the report and director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University in London*.

Hence the report authors’ call for all actors of the society to urgently take action: “Ending malnutrition is ultimately a political choice that leaders from governments, donors, civil society organizations, and businesses at international, national, and subnational levels need to take”.


City University is a partner organization of the FOOD programme, Professor Martin Caraher being a member of its External Advisory Board.

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