Almost 1 adult in 6 in the EU is considered obese

A new European Health Interview Survey conducted by Eurostat has been released on October 20th 2016. It underlines the issue of obesity in the European Union. Indeed, slightly more than half of the adults (51,6%) were considered as over-weight in 2014. Among them, 15,9% were obese, that is to say nearly 1 in every 6 people. The lowest obesity rates were in Romania (9,4%) and Italy (10,7%), whereas the highest was in Malta (26%). One of the key findings of the study is also the clear age effect on obesity levels: more than 40% of the obese people in the EU were aged 45 to 74 years old in 2014. Education level also plays a big role: 19,9% of obese people in the EU had a low education level, whereas they were only 11,5% of them among the highly educated.

The FOOD programme intends to promote healthy eating habits in the workplace by targeting the employees. It therefore contributes to fighting against obesity in its 9 member countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

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World Obesity Day: raising awareness on this growing concern in Europe

Since 2015, October 11th is the World Obesity Day. It is the occasion for the World Obesity Federation, which created this dedicated event, to increase knowledge and understanding on the challenge of obesity; encourage governments to take action to meet their commitments; share national experiences and best practices; and encourage associations and civil society to get involved with advocacy and campaigning on obesity-related issues. This year, the campaign focuses on childhood obesity prevention.

Obesity is a growing concern in Europe. The WHO Europe launched in September 2016 a new action plan to combat the rise of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), to which obesity greatly contributes as a risk factor. Indeed, if no further action is taken, Europe will probably not fulfill the global goal of halting the rise in obesity by 2025.

The FOOD programme supports the World Obesity Day campaign and daily participates in raising awareness about the issue of obesity in Europe by disseminating healthy diet recommendations towards 4.7 million employees and 480.000 restaurants in 9 European countries.

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