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Smart initiatives in Italy

Reducing food waste

Today, one third of the total amount of food produced worldwide is thrown away. And this has a huge cost for societies as a whole, in terms of water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, etc.

Concerned by the fact that 8 billion euros of food were thrown away in Italy in 2014, Edenred Italy decided to provide over 150,000 restaurants with doggy bags. This action supports the project “Cena dell’Amicizia” of “Il Buono che Avanza”, a charity that created the first network of restaurants that help reduce food waste by encouraging customers to take their leftovers with them.

An app that helps you find the nearest FOOD restaurant

In Italy, an Edenred application allows customers to find their restaurant and pay directly via their smartphone. Furthermore, a partnership with Tripadvisor enables to choose a restaurant wisely, by indicating whether it is part of the FOOD network.

It has become even easier to eat healthy at lunch time!

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The FOOD Programme has a new partner : the Austrian Ministry of Health !

After celebrating its 6 years anniversary last December, the FOOD programme welcomed its 9th country in April 2015 and its 25th partner: the Austrian Ministry of Health.

The public-private partnership is now composed of 25 entities working together at the development of the FOOD programme objective of healthy nutrition promotion. Among them: the Health Ministry of Belgium, Portugal, Slovakia, Austria, as well as the PNNS in France and the City University of London…

Availability of and access to a healthy diet with good quality food for all people living in Austria is one of the 10 Austrian Health Targets established by the Austrian Ministry of Health to be reached within the next 20 years.

The Austrian Minister of Health and Edenred will work in close cooperation to implement measures in Austria to improve the FOOD offer and to promote healthy habits towards employees and restaurants.

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