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Romania, 10th FOOD country

For the last decade, the FOOD programme has been actively acting in the promotion of healthier eating habits during the working day. Its actions of communication and sensitisation campaigns have reached 5,4 million employees and 475 000 restaurants in nine member states (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Portugal).

In the past years, healthy eating promotion has grown in importance. Obesity kills more than under nutrition and the need for action is higher. All organisations and countries have a role to play.

In that perspective, the FOOD programme partners are glad to welcome Romania as the 10th country in its consortium. The Romanian National Institute of Public Health (INSP) indeed joined forces with Edenred Romania in order to address the negative impact of unhealthy lifestyle habits and the risk factors resulting from it.

The INSP becomes the 28th FOOD partner, alongside with the other Public Health Authorities, Research centres, Nutritionists, and Universities.

The Romanian partners adopted the EU FOOD recommendations and took care to adjust it to the national context. The recommendations are designed to raise awareness about healthy eating amongst the the two target groups: employees and restaurants.

The recommendations aim to change not only the content of the food eaten, its cooking method, but also the quantities offered.

For instance, Romanian FOOD restaurants will commit to:

  • Frequently offer a dish without meat,
  • Use vegetable oils as the main fat for cooking,
  • Use a low amount of salt when cooking…

Alongside, employees will be incited to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Prefer water instead of sweetened drinks,
  • Pay attention to the serving portion, and get up from the table before you are too full,
  • Reduce bread consumption and prefer whole wheat bread…

The FOOD programme draws its strength from the varied and the complementary skills of its partners, that enable a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation. This new partnership with Romania forecasts interesting further developments and actions.


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Porto University created a MOOC on healthy food

Porto University launched on June 20th a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on healthy food called “Coma melhor, poupe mais” (Eat better, save more). In this course, professors of the Nutrition and Food Sciences Faculty (UPorto) as well as of the Education Technologies Unit (UPdigital) will provide answers to anyone interested in knowing more on how to read food labels, how to reuse leftovers, how to smartly organise a fridge, etc. They will explain concepts and give tips allowing people to raise their awareness on healthy meals and food waste on the whole chain, from buying the right products to maximizing their preservation and cooking them in a healthy way.

This MOOC was inspired by the book “Alimentação Inteligente: coma melhor, poupe mais”, created by the Directorate-General for Health of Portugal and Edenred in 2013, as part of the FOOD programme.

Anyone can register to this course for free via this link: (course in Portuguese only).




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