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What influences employees’choice for lunch ?

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The partners celebrated the 6th anniversary of the FOOD programme in Brussels

Taking the opportunity of the annual general meeting of the FOOD programme, the partners could celebrate a major milestone of their common work: the 6th Anniversary of the FOOD programme.


The EU project FOOD (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) started in January 2009 for 2 years, thanks to DG SANCO funding. Exceptionally, after this period, the partners together decided to continue the objectives and actions of FOOD under a long-term programme.  A Consortium agreement signed in December 2011 structures the programme and partnership.

The general meeting held in Brussels on December 18th 2014 gathered 21 participants, amongst which partners who have been active for more than 6 years but also new partners, reflecting the dynamism of the programme.

FOOD is being implemented in 8 Member states (Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden) through a network of 24 public and private partners and other countries are currently in the process of joining the Consortium.

The main objective of the FOOD programme is to raise awareness of employees and restaurants towards healthy eating habits. Practical and adapted tools were created to this end, enabling to reconnect the offer and demand sides of balanced nutrition for a better impact.

More than 4.4 million employees, 200.000 companies and 370.000 restaurants were reached by the communication campaigns and the partners also created a dedicated network of FOOD restaurants with almost 3.000 establishments.


The list of partners as well as the main results can be found on the EU website:



EC publications:

20 success stories:

Funded project 2008-13:


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