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Nutritional quality in restaurants is as important as affordability for 70% of employees going out for lunch!

The proportion of European employees having a lunch break every working day remains very high, at 72%. This is what the European FOOD barometer launched in 7 countries – Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden – confirms.


In comparison with the 2012 barometer, there are slightly more employees who have lunch in the common room of their company (37%) whereas restaurants are still the second place to have a meal (29%). On the other hand, eating in front of the computer remains the third preferred option with 21%. It is worth noting that employees pay attention to what they eat and what they spend, bringing home-made food for 44% of them, compared to 39% in 2012. In restaurants, the nutritional quality of the food is at the same level of importance as affordability when it comes to choosing a restaurant for lunch (70% each). The barometer answered by restaurants in 6 countries confirms this trend with 57% of them agreeing that their customers notice and appreciate the offer of healthy /balanced meals.

On the other side, seasonal and locally produced foods count for a smaller part in the choice of the restaurant compared to 2012 (55% vs 62%).

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The results of the 28-month FOOD project are gathered in a final publication!

The final publication of the FOOD project is now available.

The results of the pilot phase with the 6 countries are presented and analysed throughout 204 pages. From the methodology applied to the communication pilots and the evaluation, all steps and actions are described, given practical and useful information on the approach and outputs.

Directed at any type of reader, the publication offers precious information on healthy eating habits of the employees and restaurants. It demonstrates that the offer and demand sides of balanced nutrition are closely linked and shall always be addressed at the same time, in complementary actions.

The publication also presents the transition from the project to a long-term programme with new countries and partners. This achievement, which is quite unique, opens the programme to new developments and challenges.

The Commissioner for Health and Consumers Policy expresses the support of the European Commission in a very positive conclusion.


You can read or download the publication on the FOOD website:

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