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FOOD barometers 2012 – European Consumers want healthy options in restaurants !

According to the survey led by the European Consortium FOOD, a high majority of employees are looking for balanced meals during their lunch break. Restaurants decided to react and to meet such changing demand.


In the framework of the programme, a European barometer was launched in 2012 in order to understand and analyse societal changes and needs of employees and restaurants. More than 6300 employees and 830 restaurants coming from seven Member States answered the questionnaires.

The survey points out that 70% of the employees now take a daily break to have lunch during their working day.

Surprisingly, the results also show that the demand for healthy food options concerns 80% of the employees who find it important that the meals served have good nutritional quality and 83% of them find it crucial that restaurants offer varied meals. In order to meet the customer’s demand, 65% of the restaurants are convinced that they could learn more about balanced nutrition and are willing to do so as 70% of them believe that it is not that complicated to prepare and serve healthy/balanced meals.

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Publication of the European Commission on the “Successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes”

FOOD is presented in the Nutrition and healthy lifestyle section

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