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The Czech Republic and Italy: two events celebrating the FOOD programme 10th anniversary


March 2019. In Czech Republic, a press event gathered various stakeholders for a round table about the evolution of eating habits amongst Czech employees and restaurants.

Representative of STOB (Stop Obesity), Edenred CZ, employees and restaurants discussed about the major changes that occurred in the Czech society.

Indeed only 3.5% of restaurants reported a strong demand for lighter meals ten years ago, whereas today over 25% of them reckon that the demand for healthier meals is increasing. And it is a growing figure.  However, in the Czech Republic, workers take less and less time to eat at lunchtime: 47% of them prefer a quicker service, ten percent more than in 2009. Despite that trend, everyone agrees that the lunchbreak should notbe sacrificed.

A restaurant owner, member of the FOOD programme for 10 years shared his testimony and confirmed that he experienced this increasing demand for healthier food; and that he had adjusted his offer accordingly over the years.

Link to a Czech TV clipping: here


May 2019. In Italy, a press conference hosted by the Ministry of Health introduced an itinerant training roadshow for restaurants.

A partnership with Fipe – Italian Federation of Public Exercises, ISS – National Institute of Health and Healthy Cities Network OMS, was presented in Rome. The training sessions aim at sensitizing chefs about healthy and balanced lunch breaks.

Three cooking shows will take place in three different Italian locations (Rome, Milan and Palermo), dedicated to restaurant owners and chefs. The events will be structured in three different modules:

  • food safety: avoid food contamination
  • nutritional safety: identify a healthy diet and balanced menus during lunch breaks;
  • correct management of allergens

First event will take place in Rome, on May 17th

Link to an Italian TV clipping: here 

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The European Commission calls for health promotion best practices!

The European Commission launched in 2016 a Steering group on Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases, gathering representatives from health ministries of EU Member states, Norway and Iceland, and from Commission services, EU agencies and the European Investment Bank. They work together to prioritise policies and interventions that have the potential to positively impact many people’s lives. In 2018, the Steering group decided to focus more specifically on nutrition and physical activity, which are key to fight against non-communicable diseases. Indeed, the World Health Organisation considers them responsible for an estimated 86% of the deaths in the European Region and 70% to 80% of healthcare costs.

In this framework, a best practice portal was launched on April 22nd by the European Commission. It gathers good practices collected in previous Health programme actions in various fields, ranging from nutrition and physical activity to mental health. Stakeholders and health promotion actors are called to submit new good practices that will then be assessed. If selected as “best practices”, they would then be shared with the Member States’ Steering group for possible wider implementation.


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