Optional meal portions can help fight obesity

Larger portions not only contain more energy but encourage people to eat more and to make a habit of it.

The scientific community seems to be consensual on the importance of regulating food portion in weight management: research suggests that the continued exposure to large meal portion sizes might lead to weight increase over the time; on the other hand, a different set of studies have been relating loss of weight with the use of graduated portion sizes that allow controlling the amount of food eaten at each meal.

Most participating countries in FOOD programme follow recommendations on portion sizes. It is expected that restaurants serving smaller portions at smaller prices should encourage people to keep a pace on the quantity of the food they eat at a regular working day.

It is also interesting to verify that, from the latest FOOD barometers (2013), there are more employees demanding optional meal sizes in 2013 (46%) then they did in 2010 (33%), and with the majority not considering important that the restaurants offer a big quantity of food (61%).

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